Masks of Nyarlathotep

New York (15-19th January 1925)
Dead friends and rampages

01/15/1925 – Isabel, recieves a telegram stating that her friend Jackson Elias would like to meed with her and wants her to assemble a team of reliable competent investigators.


01/16/1925 – The team, consisting of Isabel Chill, Frank Chambers, Felix Brown, and A.J. Griffin arrive at the Chealsea Hotel, room 410. Only to find their dear friend Jackson Elias Murdered!


During the fight, Isabel was mortally wounded attempting to chase one suspect out of the window, but was intercepted by another cultist, who stabbed her between the ribs causing her to laugh hysterically in a moment of mental lapse. A.J. Was doing some work with his police issue side-arm. Felix Brown grabbed a fire extinguisher to use as a weapon, and Frank Chamber went slightly insane, being rooted to the ground by fear and an old prejudice.

[[Evidence: Room 410 | Evidence: Room 410]] was recovered from the cultists’ bodies and an alliance was formed with the police investigating the case, reinforced by A.J.’s work with them.

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